Team Building Exercise For a Healthy Team Spirit

We have seen in sports that teams consisting of individuals with exceptional talents don’t always win the trophy. It often boils down to team spirit when players play as a unit for each other bringing out the best in themselves and the rest of their team. The same reasoning applies for your employees; they might be excellent at what they do but to produce best results they need to work as a team. But given their hectic schedules they barely get to know each other forget having a positive team spirit amongst them.

That’s where you as the team leader or the manager step in. You need to lift the spirit of your team, motivate them and boost their morale. Team Building Exercise is a proven way of doing that.

Team Building Exercises not only give your employees a day off from their routine, but gives them a chance to know each other and bond better. Only when that happens will they work better as a group and your work output will grow manifold.

Some of the benefits of Team Building Exercises are:

You will encourage the idea of teamwork, mutual respect and caring for each other amongst your employees, which is crucial to any company.
Your employees with feel rejuvenated after a day filled with Team Building Games and come back to work refreshed as their monotony is broken.
You will be boosting their morale immensely and showing them your appreciation for their efforts.
Employees will develop a healthy bond not only with each other but you as well, and it will bring you a newfound respect.
You can take this opportunity to imbibe your company ethics and philosophy amongst your employees and make them feel like a part of your company family.

You don’t have to be flamboyant when you organize Team Building Events and it can be done in a reasonable budget as well. But you need to remember some pointers to make such events a hit amongst your team.

Some of the pointers are mentioned below:

Plan your exercise well and anticipate any pitfalls that there might be. Try out games and activities you would like to involve on the day and make sure you are prepared with all props and materials you need.
Such trials should also give you a fair idea of the time it might take for a day of such activities.
Keep the instructions for all activities simple and clear, this way you will maintain consistency and credibility.
Always have extra props, materials and give away items at events like these, accounting for extra people and breakages.
Choose the venue for an event like this considering weather conditions and size of your team.
Make necessary and sufficient arrangements for food and beverages all through the day.
Try and make the day as much fun as you can, drive your points across without being boring.

Make Team Building Exercises Effective and Successful

All successful businesses and organizations know that work and team synergy is the key to success. A lot of effort and resources are dedicated towards team building exercises and activities. A good team forms the foundation of any company, organization or community.

Team building is not an easy task. This is because a team consists of various individuals with distinct personalities, schools of thought and disposition. But effective steps can slowly help these individuals to rise above petty differences, working together and complimenting each other to ensure the overall success of the team as well as personal growth of each individual.

A discordant and inharmonious team will continue to experience failure even if it comprises of brilliant individuals. Sports are a very good example of this, in team sports like Football, Hockey or Basketball the co-ordination, communication and synergy of the team is what sets the best teams apart rather than individual superstars.

It requires dedication and effective skills. Each member of the team must be made to feel an integral and indispensable part of the team so that team strategy and goals can be placed above individual goals.

There are various games and exercises available but it is only with perfect execution and participation of all members can these be effective skills and Performances.

It is also important to resolve any conflicts as soon as possible. Conflicts can be very harmful. Negative feedback, especially in public should be avoided at all cost as it may hamper the performance with strategy.