Leadership Exercises – Leadership Team Building Exercises

This can be achieved by discussions and feedback. Once you get a clear idea of leadership you can work towards building a good leadership. Try to put what are your conceptions about leadership and then agree on a working definition.

Since there are various leadership styles, you can discuss advantages and disadvantages of these styles. This can help you gain a better understanding of when to use a particular style.

This discussion should include how the group reacts to particular styles of leadership. This discussion should guide you to infer that flexibility is necessary while using these styles of leadership.

The motivating exercises help you gain an insight in the situations and practices that motivates group members. Another activity that can be practiced is to see what effects are observed on the group when a new leader takes over.

What are the problems of the leader who takes charge of the group? What should be the approach towards a new joiner in a group is also an exercise. What should be a leader’s attitude towards him is also an important factor of leadership.

Change implementation exercise helps you understand how the members of group behave if certain restructuring is done. One can learn about strategies regarding the problems that arise from such restructuring.

Clarifying objectives of the task has been the key to success. In this activity you ask someone to note down proceeding of exercise where you clarify the objectives of the task to be done.

The feedback given by the person who notes the proceeding helps a lot to understand the benefits of clarifying objectives to group.

Clear communication exercises involve accomplishing something which is bound to fail if you do not communicate properly. This activity decides where you stand with respect to your communication skills.

The mapping leadership skill is an exercise to check how well you manage to succeed with given resources. The activity is so designed that good management of resources is needed for success. This assesses the how you can map you leadership skills.

Exercises designed for creative leadership is most rewarding. In these activities, a group leader has to guide the group for successful outcome. The observers then provide feedback which is priceless. This gives you an idea where you fall short while leading a group.

The delegating and monitoring is the soul of leadership. This activity hinges on successful monitoring, organization and delegation of tasks.

This team timed, exercise helps you to learn how a task can be completed within given time limit. On the other hand speed delegation activity checks how efficiently you can work against the clock.

There are more tasks to be completed with a fewer resources. The key is to plan your resources in such way that the task is completed within time.

In the routes to solution exercise, the teammates have bits of information and the leader has to link those bits and organize activity to achieve the goal.

Fun Team Building Exercises That Work Every Time

In the professional work environment people are often asked to work as teams. To get teams to achieve higher levels of activity they must work well together. Having team participate in team building exercises will help them come together quicker and produce at high levels faster. Here are a few great team building ideas that work every time.

When you have a new team at hand you must work carefully. It may be a set of wonderfully talented individuals but they are still just that; individuals. What you need to do is help every person emerge from his or her shell and interact in a smooth manner with the other team members. This is actually easier said than done. It is human nature to be initially apprehensive when meeting new people. Hence what you need to do is make the team relax and then help them gel. A large selection of team building exercises is available to help do this effectively.

Before you can have effective team building you need to have exercises so the participants can break the ice and get to know each other better or in the least get them talking. Here’s an ice breaker exercise that works very well.

Who Am I – Make up a name tag for each participant and have it not be their regular name but the name of someone famous. When they get to the meeting do not let the participants see the name tag and have someone else put it on their back. When the participants get together have them break into small groups. Each person gets to ask questions trying to lean who they are. They can only be questions that are answered with a yes or no. They get to keep answering questions until they get a no from everyone in their group. At that point they need to leave their group and mingle over to another group to continue the questioning. Keep the exercise short 10 min or so.

Once the ice has melted with the group you can start on the real team building exercises. These are more like play than actual exercises. Actual team building exercises aim to promote greater understanding and cohesion amongst the different members of a team such that the team learns to work and think together. A few popular fun team building exercises are described below.

Mine Field – In this exercise, one person is blindfolded and is required to make his or her way through a place scattered with various objects without bumping into any of them. The guide for this person will be a team member who will verbally shout commands that will help the first member to negotiate the obstacles. To successfully complete this exercise, there needs to be an intimate understanding of each other’s point of view and channel of communication. Such an exercise easily helps improve team communication.

Zoom – This is a popular team building exercise in which each team member is given a picture and together, a cohesive storyline needs to be formed out of the content of the picture. No member is allowed to glance at anyone else’s pictures. It is through the description that each member provides that the story must be constructed. It is quite clear that a high level of mutual understanding and very clear communication is essential for this exercise to succeed. This is exactly what the zoom exercise aims to promote; better communication within a team. At the end of a certain time the team needs to present the story they have created from the picture.

Team building exercises not only teach the team how to work more effectively but also give them a chance to bond on a personal level. A effective session of team building exercises is sure to increase interaction between the members , encouraging them to befriend each other so that a great work environment is assured when the team finally gets down to work.

5 Ways Team Building Exercises Improve Working Methods

A valuable boost to your work force can be provided through the application of team building exercises. In order for any group to work together to the best of their abilities, it is important to highlight areas of importance in reaching this aim of unity and cooperation, such as communication, logical thinking and problem-solving. Learning through direct experience has been proven time and time again to be the most successful route to realising this ambition. The following are five ways that group learning activities can improve working methods.

Learning to respect each and every member of a team’s skills and particular strengths is a central part of the team building methodology. Through outdoor, indoor and culinary activities, team members can get a chance to see their colleagues working towards a shared goal. They can react and respond to each contribution, while offering their own ideas in what is a mutually respectful and beneficial environment.

Logic is a key area that can be developed through team building exercises. Based on reason and good judgement, working through a set of specifically coordinated activities that flex the rational parts of the brain can be a tremendous benefit to employer and employees. Approaches to problem solving and logical puzzles can be mirrored in the workplace, cementing them in the mind and providing great advantage to the work team.

Learning through fun is an important aspect of team building exercises. As studies with children and adults have shown, when a lesson is presented as a game or playing activity, it is far more likely to remain fresh in the memory. Fun also helps bring the team together and creates a friendly, helpful atmosphere.

Programmes of activities can be individually tailored to meet every employer and employee’s particular demands. Managers can work closely with professionally motivated instructors to deploy the best and most relevant exercises available. Pinpointing each member’s strengths and the areas they need to work on is fundamental to these kinds of ventures. Through learning in a supportive and motivated environment, team-mates can get the most out of themselves and each other.

Creating experiences that are truly memorable and immediately applicable in the working world, a programme of team activities can be a fantastic way to emphasize the need for unity and cooperation. Exercising a group’s imagination and rationale through a series of diverting activities, the lessons learnt can makes a huge difference to the working week. The employment of teambuilding exercises to help engage an enthusiastic and motivated workforce could be the best decision an employer can make.