Free Team Building Exercises for the Workplace

Building a great team is the number one way to build team morale, and instill a sense of community at the workplace. Team building can be anything from a quick half day “get together” to a week-long company retreat. Each of these ways will bring your employees closer together and help you get to the bottom line much faster. Team building will also help each team player with self-improvement, giving you a more well-rounded staff, long-term.

Studies have shown that employees who are involved with these exercises are more likely to stick with the company long-term. They are also more likely to create bonds and friendships with others at the workplace. These are all things that will help a company thrive, and the good news is, it does not have to be expensive.

In order to create free team building exercises for the workplace, you are going to need to get creative. Some great ideas for free team building exercises at the work place are:

Outdoor activities: When you bring your team outside, there are many things that you can do, without breaking the bank. Outdoor games and activities will also bond your team, better than in-house activities. Adventure games such as capture the flag and a scavenger hunt are free, yet bonding. Team work is needed in order to be the wining team, in both of these events. Keep in mind, you should always put people who are not close together on a team, rather than let the teams decide. This will allow the staff to meet and understand new people.

Office gathering: There are some great ways to get to know one another in the board room. From mock procedures to learning about each other. Asking question about the way the company is run, and what changes can be made, is also a great way to find out what the team thinks, as well as create a closer bond. These activities can last from a few hours to a day.

Picnic: Although this may not be “free” it is very in expensive and can pay off big. When you plan a monthly or bi monthly activity, off work hours, you will notice a big difference in staff moral. This picnic or day at the park can be a “pot luck” meaning everyone brings something, making it cost-effective. There is no time off work or space to book when you use this method. Families of team members are also invited, making it more of a social gathering.

There are quite a few ways to make team building a free event. And since there are so many benefits to team building, there really is no excuse not to get involved. Free team building activities for the work place can be found on government sites as well as University information sheets. Working with a team who is eager to please and ready to get involved is the very best way to insure you are running a happy and copacetic work place environment.

The Fun of Team Building Exercises

The growth and development of large corporations and business enterprises also entail a large number of employees who work in the various departments and divisions. These men and women are in charge of handling a wide variety of duties and responsibilities which they do with precision and knowledge.

However it has been observed by experts that there are issues that may not be otherwise visible to the management but are largely responsible in bringing down the morale of the workers and affecting their performances as well.

Here are some of the reasons that affect the working capacity and morale of employees.

Salary hikes and insufficient income growth

Lack of recognition

Lack of free time and weekend breaks or even holidays

Lack of management interaction

Dearth of promotion opportunities or position growth within the company

Misunderstandings with superiors and departments

These are only some of the reasons that often hamper the mindset of an employee who becomes disgruntled and unaffected with the company growth and success. It is also a major cause of hindrance in the way of their professional goals and success.

Importance of Team Building Exercises

It is very important to understand the nature or goal of team building exercises before putting them to use.

Here are some important aspects of team building exercises.

These are games and activities that are incorporated as special parts of working days

These are part of a fun team building exercise that will help to dissolve personal issues

The nature of the games and exercises are such that they bring together the people from various departments of the company to work together

These team building activities and games bring about harmony and appreciation for one another as well as co-operate with each other to win an event

There are group as well as individual activities in which employees get a feel of success that they can later incorporate in their work as well

There are many such team building games and activities that are put to use by even major corporations to bring about cohesion and a feeling of solidarity for the brand and the company.

Team Building Games and Activities

It is a matter of great amazement as to how a few activities and games can prove be a solution to employee related problems of even the largest corporations of the world. However this is actually a success that is becoming a common implementation the world over.

Here are some of the games and activities that are of great impact and positive effect in team building.

Treasure Hunts – There is a map and clues given to each of treasure seekers. They have to co-ordinate among themselves to reach the point successfully and acquire the treasure before anyone else does.

Tug of War – There are groups that pull the rope and try to win it to their side.

Presentations – Mock presentations are prepared by groups of individuals and presented before the management. They are judged on their innovative presentation and skillful marketing of the same.

High Rope Course – This is a group activity that requires skill and co-operation. It is an act of balancing on the rope at a height from the ground. The group that remains calm and calculated can achieve success.

These are some of the games among many others that are put to use. But in all of those the main goal remains the same – boosting the morale, commitment and loyalty towards the company.

Home Based Business – Excellent Team Building Exercises and Its Importance

If you build a strong team for your home based business, then you positively stand to reap great benefits. With an efficient group of people in place, you will be able to create an excellent and harmonious work environment. Good team building is a tool to extract the power of coaction among your members and employees.

If you can get it right, you should be able to combine the skills and talents of the people with diverse talents. This article looks at how you can build an excellent team and why it is important for your enterprise.

How to create an excellent home based business:

If you belong to a team, you will feel like you are an integral part of something bigger than yourself. You need to develop your group to achieve specific objectives. It is not really necessary that a particular team member has performed the same job elsewhere.

What you should look for is the natural talent. If some of your members have an inborn talent to fit into a certain position, you will get a gifted and proactive employee as an asset for your home based business.

In order to create an efficient group, you’ll need to tell your prospective members about the goals and values of your enterprise. Make them understand their job responsibilities. Tell them what is expected from them.

Characteristics of a rewarding team:

There are a number of motivating factors and, amongst others, all should have a clear picture, mission and focus. The purpose or mission should well align with the personal needs and wants of each member.

With a clear mission your group will be able to sustain motivation for longer duration. You need to present them with stimulating challenges. The challenge itself can prove to be great motivator.

You will need to create good-fellowship environment at your work place. Your members should genuinely like each other. Your group will be highly functional only if they have strong interpersonal relationships.

Importance of excellent productivity:

It should be your constant endeavor to make your group more productive. Your group should make the rules collectively and share the rewards or brickbats collectively. With an effective group of people, your home based trade will gain as so many efficient brains which will work towards achieving the targets set by you.

Any enterprise that has the correct composition is bound to go places. A team-orientated environment will produce excellent results. Even if the members of your organisation may be looking after diverse aspects of your home based business, their unified efforts will achieve the goals set by you.