Leadership Exercises – Leadership Team Building Exercises

This can be achieved by discussions and feedback. Once you get a clear idea of leadership you can work towards building a good leadership. Try to put what are your conceptions about leadership and then agree on a working definition.

Since there are various leadership styles, you can discuss advantages and disadvantages of these styles. This can help you gain a better understanding of when to use a particular style.

This discussion should include how the group reacts to particular styles of leadership. This discussion should guide you to infer that flexibility is necessary while using these styles of leadership.

The motivating exercises help you gain an insight in the situations and practices that motivates group members. Another activity that can be practiced is to see what effects are observed on the group when a new leader takes over.

What are the problems of the leader who takes charge of the group? What should be the approach towards a new joiner in a group is also an exercise. What should be a leader’s attitude towards him is also an important factor of leadership.

Change implementation exercise helps you understand how the members of group behave if certain restructuring is done. One can learn about strategies regarding the problems that arise from such restructuring.

Clarifying objectives of the task has been the key to success. In this activity you ask someone to note down proceeding of exercise where you clarify the objectives of the task to be done.

The feedback given by the person who notes the proceeding helps a lot to understand the benefits of clarifying objectives to group.

Clear communication exercises involve accomplishing something which is bound to fail if you do not communicate properly. This activity decides where you stand with respect to your communication skills.

The mapping leadership skill is an exercise to check how well you manage to succeed with given resources. The activity is so designed that good management of resources is needed for success. This assesses the how you can map you leadership skills.

Exercises designed for creative leadership is most rewarding. In these activities, a group leader has to guide the group for successful outcome. The observers then provide feedback which is priceless. This gives you an idea where you fall short while leading a group.

The delegating and monitoring is the soul of leadership. This activity hinges on successful monitoring, organization and delegation of tasks.

This team timed, exercise helps you to learn how a task can be completed within given time limit. On the other hand speed delegation activity checks how efficiently you can work against the clock.

There are more tasks to be completed with a fewer resources. The key is to plan your resources in such way that the task is completed within time.

In the routes to solution exercise, the teammates have bits of information and the leader has to link those bits and organize activity to achieve the goal.

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