Camping Meals Can Be a Team Building Exercise!

Camping is an outdoor activity which can be fun and adventurous at the same time. A little caution and careful planning can make one such trip a memorable one. While going for a camp the camping site, equipment, list, medical kit and outdoor activities should be well planned. But there are some other basics which are as important and should not be ignored. One of those essentials is campground cooking or camping meals. Camps are a home away from home. What you eat and how we cooperate with the fellow campers is an important factor determining the success of your camping expedition. Camping is often considered as a team building exercise where one is expected to collaborate with the co-camper on all existing issues in order to make the camping exercise a success.

Food is essentially the most important part of life. Camping is a recreational activity but lacks excitement without proper food. While enjoying the camping site in wilderness or desert, sea-shore or a river bank, the meals eaten can be made innovative and enjoyed equally well. If you are camping nomadically, it doesn’t mean you have to eat primitively as well. Interesting food doesn’t require any special equipment to prepare. A slice of experiment with a pinch of creativity can result in unforgettable meals. Roasted food and baked dishes are an all time favourite with campers who like travelling light and enjoy with the edible resources available in the camp site. Quick recipes can be churned out easily with some preparation and planning. It is advisable to carry some basic ingredients while depending on local availability for the rest.

A good way to enjoy and relish the camp meal is to distribute the cooking task like peeling, chopping, cleaning, and lighting the fire, amongst the campers. The sense of involvement through distribution of labour will make the whole process cherish able. So next time you go camping consider camping meals as a team building activity!