Where to Find a Successful Corporate Team Building Exercise

A lot of people are in the need of a way to build teamwork at their company, but do not have the money to hire an expensive company to assist them. If you are looking to find a corporate team building exercise that you can complete at your office, there are a number of options available to you. It is important that you explore all of your options before deciding on which one to use. Since there are so many different books and movies available, it is important to do all of your research before deciding which corporate team building exercise is right for your company. This is an important undertaking and you should exhaust all resources before making the final decision on which one to go with.

One DVD that you may want to check out is Leadership, Team Building, and Decision Making, which is available online at Amazon.com. This DVD will give you the tools you need to teach your team all they need to know. A great way of doing this is by having everybody watch the movie together. After it is completed, the entire group can talk about what they did and did not like. Everybody can then vote on which corporate team building exercise they liked most, and then you can follow through with it. The team participation in doing this itself is a start at doing team building exercises.

If you would rather teach your employees yourself you may want to pick up a book to read before starting. A great book to start with is The Big Book of Team Building Games: Trust-Building Activities, Team Spirit Exercises, and Other Fun Things to Do by John Newstrom. This book is among one of the best sellers for people who are looking for an effective corporate team building exercise. Some of these exercises can be so simple that you may over look them! Keep you eyes and mind alert for situations that suggest exercises.

A corporate team building exercise can be found for cheap if you know where to look. There is no reason to spend thousands of dollars that you do not have. Check out the two sources above and get started right away. Do searches on the internet for team building and you will find tons of resources. Brainstorm with your colleagues and come up with exercises that way. You never know what will come of putting more than one mind on a project.

The Gym is the Best Team Building Exercise for any Corporate Team

How much time does anyone one individual in the corporate world spend in the gym? Something tells me that the average amount of time per month would be pretty dismal. The corporate world is a busy one, with international clients and competitors, different time-zones, everyone chasing for the same dollars as profit, and is cut-throat to say the least. People are encouraged to commute more, eat in less time, work longer, work more often, and are not encouraged to stay in shape. How many executives do you see who die of heart attacks, strokes, or embolisms?

Team building exercises are designed to bring a group of corporate employees closer together through teamwork. Team building exercises are usually designed to take place outside of the office, to ensure that all employees are relaxed and are more likely to speak their mind. Some team building exercises consist of vacation trips together, paintball competitions together, running and bicycling events together, even group Olympic type events which are done as a team.

A new age is dawning in team building exercises. Corporate groups are beginning to sign up for Pilates classes, Spinning classes, Yoga classes, and Aerobics classes together. Some groups even sign up to martial arts and weight training programs together. It only makes sense that corporate teams should do so. In a world where predominantly everyone in the corporate world is exercise deprived, why not use fitness as a team building exercise?

Using fitness as a team building exercise, everyone can share their corporate successes in the office, as well as share their fitness successes together outside of the office. The team’s relationship would no longer start and stop at the front doors of the company! The encouragement and successes, in the office and in the gym, would be shared and encouraged by all within the team. This is the desired true goal of any team building exercise. So, why not also get into better shape in the process?

Corporations are starting to see this team building exercise trend. In fact, a great number of corporations are beginning to build excellent fitness facilities and child care facilities within their new buildings. So, not only can your bring your child to work and put them in daycare, but you can also jog for forty-five minutes with your team to help everyone get back into shape. I never thought that the words “team building exercise” would have a double meaning, but here is the perfect example. You are building your team’s sense of teamwork, as well as physically building your team up as well!

What other team building exercise trends are out there which support these fitness team building exercise trends? Well, for one, there is the walking fundraisers that are done every year for the March of Dimes and for Breast Cancer Awareness. Corporate teams will often turn these fundraisers into team building exercises by working together to ensure that they all walk a significant amount of miles before the end of the competition. Each team building exercise has its own rules but, in this particular case, could result in achieving more goals for everyone involved in the team building exercise, both in and out of the office.

Corporate Excellence With Team Building Exercises

In a world where stiff corporate competition is a given, there is a need for a steady balance of working environment within the corporate structures as well. Companies that have extensive bases and are also spread across many locations need to enhance a common goal among employees.

There is a need to instill a common motive for excellence in individual work and commitment towards the company in general. There are also cases where individuals are found to be so competent that team spirit is rivaled within the company itself.

Importance of Team Building

More and more companies are waking to an important requirement to run large corporations. There is a need for harmony and a feeling of common interests not only among those in the top management but at all levels of employment in a corporate structure.

Here are some of the major reasons for team building.

Aim for success of the company’s success and image
Understand the variation among employees
Evaluate individual problems and complaints
Understand the individual needs and expectations from the company
Improve communication and camaraderie among individuals and departments within the company
Building and aiming at better results and efficiency levels
Improve and develop interpersonal relations between co-workers

In order to improve and enhance a feeling of team spirit among employees many companies have sought expert help from psychologists and behavioral experts to come up with effective plans for bringing employees and management together.

Here are some of the useful ideas for uniting employees.

Challenges – Certain departments in a company can be brought together in a bid to improve their interpersonal communication and relations with common challenges to achieve. Allocation of work can be delegated accordingly to enhance effective results.

Activities – As part of fun exercises there can be certain activities that are given to individuals as groups or teams. These groups would be a heterogeneous mix of employees across departments.

Activity Days – A very effective method of team building activities would be announce a working day as one for activity on a surprise basis. Make teams and play different types of games that would require co-ordination and co-operation among the team members.

Team Building Activities

There are different types of activities and games that can be resorted for the purpose of bringing employees together. There are some that are group games and activities. There are other activities that are a way of personal expression and display of talent that was otherwise unknown about an individual.

Tug of War is a game in which group coordination is required.

Organizing themed parties can be a method for bringing management and employees events where cooperation and coordination is a primary requirement.

Making a mock company project presentation is another way of skill and proficiency display. Organizing exercises to make items for social causes like the poor and destitute can bring out individual skills and ideas.