Role of an Effective Leader in a Team Building Exercise

A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit.” – John C. Maxwell

Leadership is the vital force that pushes an organization toward success. Motivating employees, getting the work done before deadlines, and encouraging them to take up multiple tasks, are some of the responsibilities of an effective leader.

It is essential for every company to develop a strong leadership-training program, in order to bring the best out of a person. Unfortunately, many organizations consider investment in designing leadership programs and conducting seminars as an unnecessary cost. However, it is of utmost importance for companies to change their view and deem these conducts as an investment.

Typically, a leadership training program must include an engaging workshop involving a blend of discussions, debates, experience sharing platform, leadership stories, and introspection. At the end of the workshop, the top management must be able to:

• Identify the strengths and weaknesses within the leaders
• Motivate them to share their opinion and vision
• Infuse the spirit of teamwork, trust, and cooperation among other employees
• Share values and opinions
• Reinforce the capacity and skills

Corporate team building for an organizational success:

A united team can work towards the smooth functioning of an organization. If the vision is to see your company at the top, it is essential to spend on team building training and leadership development. An efficient and motivated team under the guidance of a good leader can improve operational efficiency of the company.

Nowadays, many companies resort to both indoor and outdoor team building activities to encourage employees for more work and better output. Several companies plan for a weekend getaway, team dinner, or arrange for games to bring employees together.

Below are some of the team building games that help in strengthening the interpersonal relation between employees:

1. Indoor activities:

• Mobile adventure programs: As the name suggests, this is a mobile (portable) activity that can be set up anytime and anywhere (indoor/outdoor) depending upon the situation.

• Cooking challenge, clay challenge, roller coaster challenge, rhythm challenge, wine tasting challenge, and trebuchet challenge are some of the popular indoor team building games.

2. Outdoor activities:

• Sandcastle challenge, the beach challenge, the survival challenge, water sports activities, bike racing, etc., are few outdoor team building games popular among the corporate training circuit.

Features Of Effective Team Building Exercises For Your Business

Businesses today are doing their best to provide the ideal and most effective solution for their clients. This is needed due to the increasing number of competitors. This is also needed in order to cater to the needs of clients properly. Doing your best can ensure that the business will become more profitable and successful.

However, there are instances when work coordination and relationships limit workers and even leaders to perform to their full potential. With this said, it is essential for business owners to make decisions to address this matter immediately. One of the best options to get rid of these issues is to organize effective team building exercises. There are numerous team activities to choose from, but you need to look for an activity that can accommodate your needs. Listed below are some features of effective team building exercises for your business.

Help improve employee’s performance

Numerous tasks and obligations may stress any worker. It gets even worse if workers need to accomplish these tasks in a certain period of time. With this, workers need to exert more effort and time. Luckily, effective team exercises can help improve your employee’s performance. This is possible since team exercises can help hone physical and mental abilities, which is needed at work.

Enhance workers’ relationship

A good team exercise will also help enhance worker’s relationship. There are some activities that mostly focus on personal strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, there are also activities that allow employees to work with others that can help them boost their relationship and communication.

Build trust

Apart from improving relationship, workers can also build trust to others. In this way, they can confidently accomplish their tasks knowing that their co-workers can guide and assist them in case of stressful times.

Promote cooperation and leadership

When participating in team exercises, workers can also improve their cooperation and leadership. For instance, workers who are appointed to become the leader need to devise a plan when performing the activity. On the other hand, members need to cooperate in order to make the plan successful. As a result, individuals can improve their abilities as good members of your business.

Get rid of stress

Finally, effective team exercises will not only help boost your abilities and performance, but also get rid of your stress. By choosing such activities for your employees, you can provide them time to enjoy a fun-filled day.

In case that you wish to enjoy these qualities, the ideal option is to play netball. It is a team sports where individuals need to cooperate and use their abilities in order to win the game. By playing netball, you be sure that your employees can build their personal and social life more efficiently.

Make Team Building Exercises Effective and Successful

All successful businesses and organizations know that work and team synergy is the key to success. A lot of effort and resources are dedicated towards team building exercises and activities. A good team forms the foundation of any company, organization or community.

Team building is not an easy task. This is because a team consists of various individuals with distinct personalities, schools of thought and disposition. But effective steps can slowly help these individuals to rise above petty differences, working together and complimenting each other to ensure the overall success of the team as well as personal growth of each individual.

A discordant and inharmonious team will continue to experience failure even if it comprises of brilliant individuals. Sports are a very good example of this, in team sports like Football, Hockey or Basketball the co-ordination, communication and synergy of the team is what sets the best teams apart rather than individual superstars.

It requires dedication and effective skills. Each member of the team must be made to feel an integral and indispensable part of the team so that team strategy and goals can be placed above individual goals.

There are various games and exercises available but it is only with perfect execution and participation of all members can these be effective skills and Performances.

It is also important to resolve any conflicts as soon as possible. Conflicts can be very harmful. Negative feedback, especially in public should be avoided at all cost as it may hamper the performance with strategy.