Paintball – A Team Building Exercise for Corporate and Military

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Paintball is a fun and exciting game or sport that has become very popular since its inception, in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them from a special gun with capsules containing paint (known as paintball). It is a combination combat play and survival hunting game in which instead of hunting animals with guns, people shoot at each other with guns that shoot balls of paint that is why it is named as paintball. It has become such a popular sport that even most of the equipment for beginners and intermediate level can be purchased at most of the sporting good sports and also the advanced players can shop at one of the hundreds of the specialty shops.

It is a game played by people from all the professions and lifestyles and there is no age bar for playing this game. In fact it is a game where women and men compete equally. All you need to do is to track your competitor and try to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with a paintball expelled from a special air gun called a “paint gun”. The duration of the game is about 20 to 45 minutes, also depends on the size of the field and the number of players participated in this game. The objective of the game is to go out and capture the other team’s flag while protecting your own.

Paintball can be used in many different fields for many purposes like for military purposes, for entertainment, etc. and have many ways to play it. They can be broken down into speed ball, hyper ball, woods ball, scenario, and stock games. There are various equipments used while playing paintball such as paintball mask, paintball guns, paintball safety gears, etc. This sport has become recognized as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor participation sports. In short, by playing this game you will have a good time that reliefs you from all your worries and stress no matter either you win or loss.

A Non-Waste Of Time Team-Building Exercise (And Yes You Can Try This At Home)

You moan, you groan. Your manager has called one of his infamous “team-building” meetings, and it’s only the threat of getting fired that propels your butt out of your chair and into the meeting. What a waste! Sitting around doing departmental Kumbaya when you have piles of work marked “Urgent!” and “Rush!” on your desk.

So it isn’t exactly in a mood of eager anticipation that you park your unhappy self in the meeting room. Mobile devices are strictly forbidden, so you don’t even have the distraction of mindless browsing, tweeting or texting. You wish you’d learned the art of napping with your eyes open, especially when your manager announces with great pride, his latest and greatest team-building exercise.

He states that he wants the team to work more closely together, to think of each other more as family than as co-workers. And you’re thinking “Right. As in highly dysfunctional family.” He goes on to say that each team member has a particular strength they lend to the team, and that if each team member would bear in mind their teammates’ strengths, the team would function better as a whole. A highly cohesive unit. He states he will now point out what he feels is each team member’s strength.

Oh great, you think, he’s gonna tell us who the movers and shakers are, and pin a woeful L on the others. Like we didn’t know already who his favorites are. You stifle a yawn and pray for this to be over soon.

Your manager turns to the guy you consider by far the most innovative and creative in the bunch, and says “Your strength is energy. You bring tremendous energy to whatever project you’re engaged in.” You’re surprised. You would have thought he’d laud this guy’s innovations.

Your manager turns to another team member and says “Your strength is your ‘whatever’ attitude.” You smirk inside. Yup, he’s gonna nail the L on this guy, who was born with the sarcasm gene. But your manager takes a different route. He says “You don’t jump up and down enthusiastically, but you never complain. You say ‘whatever’ to any part of the project you’re assigned and take it on.”

You sit up and take notice. Your manager’s right. That is how Mr. Whatever behaves. Your manager defines another’s strength as ‘playfulness’ and appreciates how that individual lets in new ideas. You listen differently now, as your manager speaks to, not work accomplishments or the lack thereof, but to something positive about the essence of every person on the team. And he’s right on, every time.

Your manager concludes by stating that he wants each team member to think of the others in the light of these strengths. And darned if that isn’t exactly what happens! You start looking at your co-workers differently, not in terms of what they can or can’t do for you, how successful they are at this or that project, but rather how they bring their “energy,” or “whatever or “playfulness” to the mix, and how that does make the whole team function better.

Team Building Exercise For a Healthy Team Spirit

We have seen in sports that teams consisting of individuals with exceptional talents don’t always win the trophy. It often boils down to team spirit when players play as a unit for each other bringing out the best in themselves and the rest of their team. The same reasoning applies for your employees; they might be excellent at what they do but to produce best results they need to work as a team. But given their hectic schedules they barely get to know each other forget having a positive team spirit amongst them.

That’s where you as the team leader or the manager step in. You need to lift the spirit of your team, motivate them and boost their morale. Team Building Exercise is a proven way of doing that.

Team Building Exercises not only give your employees a day off from their routine, but gives them a chance to know each other and bond better. Only when that happens will they work better as a group and your work output will grow manifold.

Some of the benefits of Team Building Exercises are:

You will encourage the idea of teamwork, mutual respect and caring for each other amongst your employees, which is crucial to any company.
Your employees with feel rejuvenated after a day filled with Team Building Games and come back to work refreshed as their monotony is broken.
You will be boosting their morale immensely and showing them your appreciation for their efforts.
Employees will develop a healthy bond not only with each other but you as well, and it will bring you a newfound respect.
You can take this opportunity to imbibe your company ethics and philosophy amongst your employees and make them feel like a part of your company family.

You don’t have to be flamboyant when you organize Team Building Events and it can be done in a reasonable budget as well. But you need to remember some pointers to make such events a hit amongst your team.

Some of the pointers are mentioned below:

Plan your exercise well and anticipate any pitfalls that there might be. Try out games and activities you would like to involve on the day and make sure you are prepared with all props and materials you need.
Such trials should also give you a fair idea of the time it might take for a day of such activities.
Keep the instructions for all activities simple and clear, this way you will maintain consistency and credibility.
Always have extra props, materials and give away items at events like these, accounting for extra people and breakages.
Choose the venue for an event like this considering weather conditions and size of your team.
Make necessary and sufficient arrangements for food and beverages all through the day.
Try and make the day as much fun as you can, drive your points across without being boring.