Office Team Building Exercises

There are many different kinds of office team building exercises that can be used to help improve your company’s internal communications, morale, trust, and cohesiveness. Team building exercises are undertaken in a spirit of fun, but also play an important role in strengthening your ability to function as a unit.

Team building exercises can be used occasionally, such as to augment your annual general meeting, or on a more regular basis to help maintain productivity. They can also be used as a form of crisis management, such as to help address fears during a period of change, or as a response to a need for radical restructuring in order to meet the challenge of a new competitor, for example. Team building is useful for introducing new employees, strengthening ties between existing staff, or as a fun way to bring together individuals who don’t often interact.

Having your team members work together in any endeavor that takes them out of the ordinary office realm can be an interesting exercise in communication and cooperation. To facilitate this, consultants often organize activities that use arts, sports, games, or any structured form of interacting that requires teamwork. In some cases this creates a visible, or otherwise tangible example of what you can accomplish together – such as each person playing a percussion instrument that all together creates a piece of music; linking arms to create a chain that demonstrates the importance of each individual link, and so on. In other cases, the activity requires brainstorming and the combined effort of all to solve a problem.

The dual purpose of having fun and learning together makes for a day that is relaxing and enjoyable in itself, as well as providing lasting results as you develop your skills as a team. A large amount of research has gone into the development of specialized programs, books and services that can help your company achieve its productivity goals and improve employee relations. The wide variety of creative solutions offered includes everything from cooking together, to outdoor adventures, scavenger hunts to simulations of extreme sports… Take some time to explore the possibilities and find new ways to enhance your office environment.

Browsing the websites of consultants is a good place to start to find some fun ideas you can implement yourself, or with the help of a professional. Most programs are designed for maximum flexibility and can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any group, large or small. Incorporate some creative team building into your next boardroom meeting, or be extra adventurous and arrange for some outdoor activity. The return on investment is not something to take lightly. The benefits of maintaining an enjoyable work atmosphere includes improved mental and physical health, higher productivity, and more. Find out what the right team building exercises can do for you.

5 Team Building Exercises to Develop a High Performance Team

Team building exercises can be a critical component to developing a high performance team. The following are five simple exercises that can help your team build trust and optimize collaboration.

Egg Drop
Provide a team of three to five people with 1 egg, several straws, masking tape and other materials that might protect an egg (paper plates, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, etc.). Using these materials the team’s goal is to create a structure (such as a landing pad) that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from a height of 7 ft.

Lap Sit
The entire group stands in a circle shoulder to should. An instructor has everyone turn 90 degree so they are facing the back of the person in front of them. Next, have the group sit on each other’s knees. The goal is to produce a fully seated circle for at least 30 seconds.

Group Push-Up
The objective of this activity is for the entire team to figure out a way in which they can safely support themselves off the ground using their hands to steady the group. This is easiest performed in a group of four.

Toe to Toe
In groups of two, ask the participants to sit toe-to-toe and holding hands. The objective of the activity is to stand up while still maintaining toe-to-toe contact and holding hands. To make this activity more difficult, expand the size of the pair into fours and then sixes.

Corporate Excellence With Team Building Exercises

In a world where stiff corporate competition is a given, there is a need for a steady balance of working environment within the corporate structures as well. Companies that have extensive bases and are also spread across many locations need to enhance a common goal among employees.

There is a need to instill a common motive for excellence in individual work and commitment towards the company in general. There are also cases where individuals are found to be so competent that team spirit is rivaled within the company itself.

Importance of Team Building

More and more companies are waking to an important requirement to run large corporations. There is a need for harmony and a feeling of common interests not only among those in the top management but at all levels of employment in a corporate structure.

Here are some of the major reasons for team building.

Aim for success of the company’s success and image
Understand the variation among employees
Evaluate individual problems and complaints
Understand the individual needs and expectations from the company
Improve communication and camaraderie among individuals and departments within the company
Building and aiming at better results and efficiency levels
Improve and develop interpersonal relations between co-workers

In order to improve and enhance a feeling of team spirit among employees many companies have sought expert help from psychologists and behavioral experts to come up with effective plans for bringing employees and management together.

Here are some of the useful ideas for uniting employees.

Challenges – Certain departments in a company can be brought together in a bid to improve their interpersonal communication and relations with common challenges to achieve. Allocation of work can be delegated accordingly to enhance effective results.

Activities – As part of fun exercises there can be certain activities that are given to individuals as groups or teams. These groups would be a heterogeneous mix of employees across departments.

Activity Days – A very effective method of team building activities would be announce a working day as one for activity on a surprise basis. Make teams and play different types of games that would require co-ordination and co-operation among the team members.

Team Building Activities

There are different types of activities and games that can be resorted for the purpose of bringing employees together. There are some that are group games and activities. There are other activities that are a way of personal expression and display of talent that was otherwise unknown about an individual.

Tug of War is a game in which group coordination is required.

Organizing themed parties can be a method for bringing management and employees events where cooperation and coordination is a primary requirement.

Making a mock company project presentation is another way of skill and proficiency display. Organizing exercises to make items for social causes like the poor and destitute can bring out individual skills and ideas.