Home Based Business – Excellent Team Building Exercises and Its Importance

If you build a strong team for your home based business, then you positively stand to reap great benefits. With an efficient group of people in place, you will be able to create an excellent and harmonious work environment. Good team building is a tool to extract the power of coaction among your members and employees.

If you can get it right, you should be able to combine the skills and talents of the people with diverse talents. This article looks at how you can build an excellent team and why it is important for your enterprise.

How to create an excellent home based business:

If you belong to a team, you will feel like you are an integral part of something bigger than yourself. You need to develop your group to achieve specific objectives. It is not really necessary that a particular team member has performed the same job elsewhere.

What you should look for is the natural talent. If some of your members have an inborn talent to fit into a certain position, you will get a gifted and proactive employee as an asset for your home based business.

In order to create an efficient group, you’ll need to tell your prospective members about the goals and values of your enterprise. Make them understand their job responsibilities. Tell them what is expected from them.

Characteristics of a rewarding team:

There are a number of motivating factors and, amongst others, all should have a clear picture, mission and focus. The purpose or mission should well align with the personal needs and wants of each member.

With a clear mission your group will be able to sustain motivation for longer duration. You need to present them with stimulating challenges. The challenge itself can prove to be great motivator.

You will need to create good-fellowship environment at your work place. Your members should genuinely like each other. Your group will be highly functional only if they have strong interpersonal relationships.

Importance of excellent productivity:

It should be your constant endeavor to make your group more productive. Your group should make the rules collectively and share the rewards or brickbats collectively. With an effective group of people, your home based trade will gain as so many efficient brains which will work towards achieving the targets set by you.

Any enterprise that has the correct composition is bound to go places. A team-orientated environment will produce excellent results. Even if the members of your organisation may be looking after diverse aspects of your home based business, their unified efforts will achieve the goals set by you.

A Non-Waste Of Time Team-Building Exercise (And Yes You Can Try This At Home)

You moan, you groan. Your manager has called one of his infamous “team-building” meetings, and it’s only the threat of getting fired that propels your butt out of your chair and into the meeting. What a waste! Sitting around doing departmental Kumbaya when you have piles of work marked “Urgent!” and “Rush!” on your desk.

So it isn’t exactly in a mood of eager anticipation that you park your unhappy self in the meeting room. Mobile devices are strictly forbidden, so you don’t even have the distraction of mindless browsing, tweeting or texting. You wish you’d learned the art of napping with your eyes open, especially when your manager announces with great pride, his latest and greatest team-building exercise.

He states that he wants the team to work more closely together, to think of each other more as family than as co-workers. And you’re thinking “Right. As in highly dysfunctional family.” He goes on to say that each team member has a particular strength they lend to the team, and that if each team member would bear in mind their teammates’ strengths, the team would function better as a whole. A highly cohesive unit. He states he will now point out what he feels is each team member’s strength.

Oh great, you think, he’s gonna tell us who the movers and shakers are, and pin a woeful L on the others. Like we didn’t know already who his favorites are. You stifle a yawn and pray for this to be over soon.

Your manager turns to the guy you consider by far the most innovative and creative in the bunch, and says “Your strength is energy. You bring tremendous energy to whatever project you’re engaged in.” You’re surprised. You would have thought he’d laud this guy’s innovations.

Your manager turns to another team member and says “Your strength is your ‘whatever’ attitude.” You smirk inside. Yup, he’s gonna nail the L on this guy, who was born with the sarcasm gene. But your manager takes a different route. He says “You don’t jump up and down enthusiastically, but you never complain. You say ‘whatever’ to any part of the project you’re assigned and take it on.”

You sit up and take notice. Your manager’s right. That is how Mr. Whatever behaves. Your manager defines another’s strength as ‘playfulness’ and appreciates how that individual lets in new ideas. You listen differently now, as your manager speaks to, not work accomplishments or the lack thereof, but to something positive about the essence of every person on the team. And he’s right on, every time.

Your manager concludes by stating that he wants each team member to think of the others in the light of these strengths. And darned if that isn’t exactly what happens! You start looking at your co-workers differently, not in terms of what they can or can’t do for you, how successful they are at this or that project, but rather how they bring their “energy,” or “whatever or “playfulness” to the mix, and how that does make the whole team function better.