An Overview of Team Building Exercises

A team is group of persons with the some mission and with some co-ordination moving together to achieve some common objectives. The process that aims to develop some level of cooperation and team work within a single unit is called as a team building process. The constitution of an effective team can begin only when the effective team share a common goal for which they strive to work, the members should have respect towards each other, there must exist a goal for which all the members should be willing to utilize their strengths and thus achieve the objectives of their team and in turn the objectives of the team will serve purposeful to the objectives of the organization. Thus the corporate philosophy of the business scenario stands exactly right that the company should consider each member of the team an integral part very integral towards the functioning of the organization.

Thus to build co-ordination among the members of the team many team building exercises have been formulated that strengthens the coordination levels of the team and motivates the team to work effectively towards the objectives of the organization. Thus to put in simple words team building exercises are exercises that are developed to build a cordial relationship between the various individuals of the teams or to encourage the bonding between each other to motivate each other and build a relationship between each other that can truly formulate a pathway for the various team members to walk on that pathway together and help the organization to achieve its goals with a well interactive and the maintenance of a good well coordinated team. Although it is possible for a team which does not have good amount of coordination between them to achieve their goals but the goals which are achieved by such a team are in no way in comparison with the goals which are accomplished by a well coordinated team.

There are some companies which set apart a budget for each team for their team building exercises and this amount may be used by the teams to go for special trips and treats, whereas there are some companies which consider the team building events just as a measure of playing games which are played at home level and this in turn fosters friendship between the employees, so this friendship in future helps the employees o build a good amount of coordination in the future course of time. These team building events are carried on with the basic objective of just building a bridge which allows the team members to interact with each other and understand each other to a better extent.