Physical Team Building Exercises For Business

Physical team building exercises are a means to teach members of an organization to work together horizontally and vertically. Building a high performing team is a goal in most corporations, because a team that understands how its members work and think is more likely to increase production and efficiency. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a high performing team, physical team building exercises have become quite popular in within corporations around the world. Commonly most corporations hold some sort of business event at either a company or department level at least once per year.

Physical team building exercises are designed not just to teach the members of the team to work together as a unit to reach a goal, but also to teach the members of the team how each other think and work to solve problems. These types of exercises should be monitored and evaluated by an experienced professional that can give feedback to the managers and team members so that they are not reduced to just a corporate trip to a posh resort for an afternoon of games. It should be a learning experience for everyone involved.

A lot of these exercises are military in style. While military style team building does teach a group how to work as a team in order to complete a task, such games have limited value to a corporation. Military techniques are great for building trust in the team and teaching members to work as a unit, but they do little to help the team members to understand how one another think.

The best types of group building games for corporations are initiative games that focus more on the process than the end. By presenting the team with a problem and then observing how different members of the team approach the solution, the team gets a better understanding of the thought process of its members. In these types of physical team building exercises, succeeding at the task is not as important as the decisions being make by the team members and their reactions to one another.