Quiz Nights As Team Building Exercises

The greatest asset of any organisation is its workforce and when this workforce performs its obligations by working as a team, success is guaranteed. There are many team building games that are created to help improve interpersonal relations among co-workers and lessen workplace-related conflicts. The focus of such exercise should be on the employees typically and not so much the work that has been assigned to them.

When employees realise the value of working together automatically the task gets accomplished. They cannot be forced to do so; therefore team building efforts are made by managers to inculcate in them the spirit to work as one unit. One such team building event that you as a manger can arrange for is the quiz night. Reasons as to why this game is a preferred one are:

This game is easy to organise as the costs entailed are very less. If you have the knack and passion for it you can easily come up with the questions. You could even buy the quiz pack from online sites for a few pounds. You can keep aside an entry fee to cover the costs for snacks and drinks if you wish to.
The background work for the event is not too strenuous and you could come up with a questionnaire by devoting only a couple of hours after work for a few days.
This is a great way of increasing familiarity amongst the workers and those who barely knew each other may end up talking and reasoning together to get their answers right.
Workers from different departments are often paired together to help them get to know each other. Those belonging to some other business may also be roped into the team so that they all come to know what work the other does.
Getting business functions closer may help to introduce transparency in the company which is very beneficial.

How to organise a quiz night:

Do a trial run first with your friends before doing it in a professional capacity. Look out for the problems that may surface and take suggestions on how to eliminate them.
Get some people to help you as you conduct the rounds of quizzing. You need more scorers and helpers when you are organising a big quiz involving many teams.
Try to stay composed and calm when you are faced with unprecedented issues that may surface as the quiz continues.
Always keep some extra questions handy in case you need to arrange for tie-breakers.

Team building exercises are aplenty ranging from luxury trips sponsored by the company to adventure sports and creative workshops.