Why Team Building Exercises Are Definitely Worth It For Your Business

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As a small business entrepreneur, you need a solid team of workers to have phenomenal results. Lots of small businesses are of the opinion that super-performing teams are crucial because employees must work hand in hand, coping with problems efficiently across the company to get tasks to the end fast enough to fight with competitors on the red-hot marketplace. As teamwork is essential to a business’ lead, team building exercises are imperative.

Build Trust

If you want to develop high bonds of trust among your employees, which is essential to the success of every business, team based activities can prove vital. Every businessman can understand the critical value of trust as a business constituent, especially when objectives and flourishing of your business relies upon team-based efforts. When you build trust among the workers through team building exercises, they will feel more comfortable, more considered and become more effortful to enhance overall production.

Relieve Conflicts

Every business team is a mix bag of personalities sharing diversities. This fact may stem unessential conflicts. Team-building exercises letting the employees become habituate to one another’s personality; can be highly helpful in relieving those unnecessary disputes among them. It is also recommended to arrange as many team-building activities in neutral environment, like public parks, as possible to make them even more effective.

Boost Collaboration

Team-building exercises can set up a solider bond among coworkers who are, naturally, in habit of charging one another for issues surfacing in collective business projects. This understanding with one another can assist in boosting collaboration among them during routine business tasks as well. To enhance teamwork, if you assign exercises needing every worker to partake at once, you can go more effectively.

Practice Effective Communication

Team-building exercises teach the employees well to communicate in a team in a better way. For example; if you break your staff in two parts for some project and let them compete each other to achieve desired goal, they will become more effective in communication sharing more ideas and making every effort through collective force to beat the other.

In a nutshell, professional business planning indispensably needs team strengthening exercises. You can hire a professional team builder to come in and motivate your staff, find an outing geared toward exercises that practice sound team building techniques, or search the web for practices that have proven to be successful. Whatever route you choose, team building exercises are definitely worth it for your business.

Not Your Father’s Team Building Experience

Everyone remembers the Buick commercial that said, “This isn’t your fathers Buick.” Well, I am paraphrasing, but today’s team building is more experiential, hands-on, fulfilling, a take-away feeling, and educational. All of these descriptors of today’s executive or employee team building cannot be realized unless everyone starts from an equal starting point.

So, I want to explore some unique experiences that can come from a Wine Country team building meeting. These will give everyone an equal footing to start the experience. Of course there are the traditional venues such as: golf outing and activities held in the hotel meeting room.

Experiential team building is a personal breakthrough moment that helps your relationships within a team. Let’s look at an example: How many times have we heard someone say they are tired of the same-old-same old thing? Or, remember those line drawing sketches in team building exercises when the facilitator asks who sees an old lady and who sees the young lady in a drawing? Point being, not all team building must be group interaction; sometimes it can be a group accomplishment through individuals’ tasks.

Let me present some experiential team building exercises that are out of the ordinary.

Painting Exercise

One out-of-the-ordinary team building exercise can be “a painting task”! This is a dynamic way of pointing out the many ways to view things a person observes. Imagine for a moment, 6 individuals (team members) task with painting a landscape they see before them. With the help of a professional painter, they will see things never noticed as a novice: the colors, light, reflections, and details unnoticed before. This is a team building exercise that will show members of the team they need to look at tasks with more depth; look at situations as a whole and not superficially. It would be expected that people undertaking this task would be more analytical in their interpersonal skills. Said another way; what you see at first, relative to a business task or practice, may not lead to a proper conclusion. A professional painter can direct the participants to realize this.

Thinking outside the box requires a large dose of creativity. Team building, through an art exercise, will focus managers on the value of creativity and how to reacquire it. “The muscle of creativity stops functioning at a high level at about age 10, when the left brain comes on strong and leaves the right brain in the dust, says Kay Carlson a Napa artist. Remember, Tony Bennett took up painting at age 60 and credits that with causing his creative juices to flow.

Barrel Making-Cooperage

An old profession that is alive and well today is barrel making. The genesis of this team building exercise is answering the question: Can 2 people make a wine barrel that will be water tight? Don’t say it is easy until you try it. In a real cooperage company one person builds the 60 gallon barrel singlehandedly. Even with a team of 2 intelligent executives it is nearly impossible.

The 2 person team starts with the 4 to 6 hoops, 36 staves, 2 barrel heads, and a mallet; all lying in a pile before them and then the fun begins. The ultimate goal is working together to construct a water tight barrel that is ready for delivery to a winery. This team building task is not about speed it is about achieving the goal-a water tight wine barrel. This must be achieved through co-ordination, task assignment, visualization and technique.

Panning for Gold

This is a team building exercise that is designed to focus on understanding a process and fitting the right people to the task. The process is about: planning, communicating, assessing skill sets, self development and having a willingness to tolerate exploration/stepping out. In the end, a team leader often knows what they are after but fail to effectively plan for finding it (whatever ‘it’ may be). Not knowing where the gold is, you must plan for finding it.

The guide/geologist is a great resource to get the exercise started. First the teams must get the knowledge from the geologist and combine that with the tools that are provided to get the task accomplished. A photographer will document the exercise for each participant.

Culinary Experience

With the help of Napa or Sonoma chef’s and souse chef’s teams will set about planning and pairing a meal course paired with a wine. The ingredients are provided according to plan and each of them prepare their part of a complete meal. The chef is there to provide assistance.

After the meal is prepared the chef’s assistants will serve the meal with the wine and everyone will experience the fruits of each teams efforts. The chef will critique the meal; from planning to completion and how each team worked together to bring it together.

Features Of Effective Team Building Exercises For Your Business

Businesses today are doing their best to provide the ideal and most effective solution for their clients. This is needed due to the increasing number of competitors. This is also needed in order to cater to the needs of clients properly. Doing your best can ensure that the business will become more profitable and successful.

However, there are instances when work coordination and relationships limit workers and even leaders to perform to their full potential. With this said, it is essential for business owners to make decisions to address this matter immediately. One of the best options to get rid of these issues is to organize effective team building exercises. There are numerous team activities to choose from, but you need to look for an activity that can accommodate your needs. Listed below are some features of effective team building exercises for your business.

Help improve employee’s performance

Numerous tasks and obligations may stress any worker. It gets even worse if workers need to accomplish these tasks in a certain period of time. With this, workers need to exert more effort and time. Luckily, effective team exercises can help improve your employee’s performance. This is possible since team exercises can help hone physical and mental abilities, which is needed at work.

Enhance workers’ relationship

A good team exercise will also help enhance worker’s relationship. There are some activities that mostly focus on personal strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, there are also activities that allow employees to work with others that can help them boost their relationship and communication.

Build trust

Apart from improving relationship, workers can also build trust to others. In this way, they can confidently accomplish their tasks knowing that their co-workers can guide and assist them in case of stressful times.

Promote cooperation and leadership

When participating in team exercises, workers can also improve their cooperation and leadership. For instance, workers who are appointed to become the leader need to devise a plan when performing the activity. On the other hand, members need to cooperate in order to make the plan successful. As a result, individuals can improve their abilities as good members of your business.

Get rid of stress

Finally, effective team exercises will not only help boost your abilities and performance, but also get rid of your stress. By choosing such activities for your employees, you can provide them time to enjoy a fun-filled day.

In case that you wish to enjoy these qualities, the ideal option is to play netball. It is a team sports where individuals need to cooperate and use their abilities in order to win the game. By playing netball, you be sure that your employees can build their personal and social life more efficiently.